10 Easy Homemade Toys For Toddlers

Have you ever got the homemade toys from your parents?Have you made toys for your children?If so, then this toy certainly means a lot to you.

Although homemade toys are almost free, it is not worse than the toys bought from the store. Children have fun, can also help you save a lot of money, so why not?Creativity produces value.

So, what can you make a simple handmade toy for your child?

Points to remember when making handmade toys

Points to remember when making handmade toys

As soon as we have all sorts of things and materials available at a low price, we will begin making toys, but at this time we have a couple of caveats. Be sure to select materials as safe as possible for babies and children as well.

  • Is it okay if the baby or children lick it?
  • Is it a size that will be stuck in the throat even if the baby put it in the mouth?
  • Whether the baby will chew?
  • Whether there is a sharp edge will make the child injured?

Let’s make the toy which the baby and the child can play safely and happily by confirming the above cautions. Now take a look at our list and get creating!

10 easy homemade toys

#1. Wooden Shape Puzzles

Make your own Wooden shapes puzzles! It’s pretty simple and so cute and fun! For toddlers, they are not fit for complex puzzles. So they will love it which is simple and colorful.

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10 easy homemade toys for toddlers

#2. Homemade baby guitar

You only need a few rubber bands and a plastic box to make an instrument. This homemade baby guitar is a great play idea for toddlers. It’s good for developing fine motor skills.

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Homemade baby guitar

#3. Tin-Can Wind Chime

This is a green toy that makes full use of the characteristics of used items. Use old tin cans and paint to create a charming wind chime.

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Tin-Can Wind Chime

#4. Cardboard Toys

With cartons you can do a lot of fun toys, I call it ”cardboard toys”. It is simple, cheap, green, if you have a lot of balls, then you can put them into the box.

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Cardboard Toys

#5. Activity Board

This activity board would require a little more time and skill to make, you need to take a piece of wood and attach all sorts of odds and ends to it. But your curious toddlers will enjoy it for hours! Because toddlers love to click switches and turn door knobs.

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Activity Board

#6. Dancing Ribbons

Does it look like ribbons with rhythmic gymnastics? As you have seen at the Summer Olympic. You just attach some brightly colored ribbons to a simple round ring. Kids can twirl and toss the ribbons as they run and dance.

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Dancing Ribbons

#7. Homemade Bowling Set

Kids love knocking things over. So give them something that you don’t care about around. What about the homemade bowling set? Use the ball to knock them all down!

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Homemade Bowling Set

#8. Colorful Bottle

Clean out some bottles and fill with colorful things and water.

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Colorful Bottle

#9. Foam Lacing Shapes

If you have some laces, sheets of foam that you can cut into shapes and a hole punch. Toddlers will love this.

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Foam Lacing Shapes

#10. Plastic bells

Very easy homemade baby toy!

This homemade toy for baby is great because the baby can hold it in his arm and make some noise with those bottle caps. He can pull those caps back and forth on the rope. It’s very colorful and it’s good to sharpen their teeth on occasion.

Plastic bells

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